Community Resources

Click here to access A Guide to Greater Galesburg.

The Knox County Area Partnership for Economic Development and the Galesburg Area Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to assist local employers with the issue of recruiting employees from outside our region.

A Guide to Greater Galesburg is a high-quality, open source recruitment tool that tells the story of what it is like to live in this community. Designed to appeal to both job seekers and their trailing spouses, the Guide covers topics such as housing, schools, employment opportunities, shopping, worship, nightlife, arts and entertainment and public safety.

Community Value Statements

1. We value and take pride in Galesburg's history and cultural heritage, which includes diversity, faith organizations, Knox College, the writer Carl Sandburg, and local architecture. The railroad is a dominant part of our heritage and a source for economic opportunity and community history. The railroad offers jobs, an Amtrak station, a forthcoming historic museum, the BNSF switch yards and Railroad Days.

2. We value a welcoming community that reflects a small-town feel. Our town is resilient and provides a place where friends and family come together in times of need and where volunteers and philanthropic organizations fund projects to support our community to make it prosper.

3. We value a healthy business climate. This includes good jobs and sustainable businesses in a supportive and growing entrepreneurial climate. Part of our business appeal includes the small-town charm of our downtown shops. farmers' market, restaurants, convenient shopping, and entertainment venues. We are also proud of our agricultural opportunities borne of rich soil that support farms and gardens.

4. We value education, which includes many opportunities available through quality schools and local colleges that are supported by contemporary facilities, service-oriented libraries, and good teachers. We value academic programs like Gales Scholars and Galesburg Promise along with athletic teams and extra-curricular experiences that add to the learning environment and make us proud.

5. We value our town's image including the appeal of Galesburg to our residents and visitors. This image is expressed by the aesthetics of a clean, well-maintained city where residents voice and act with a positive self-image, can-do spirit, and sense of togetherness. We value Galesburg's future and young people from various backgrounds who will shape its destiny as a place to proudly call home.

6. We value our town's services and amenities, which include social services and faith organizations that provide opportunities for support and sustaining connections. We value our proactive government and public safety departments that provide city services and - through community involvement - make families, homes, neighborhoods, and public places safe and friendly. We value the community's infrastructure. We value housing and an affordable cost of living that allows us to raise strong families. Our high-quality healthcare includes choice of hospitals, qualified medical staff, and facilities. Our parks, lakes, and open spaces are used for recreational opportunities including, but not limited to, organized sports, playgrounds, fishing, boating, walking, bike trails, and camping.

7. We value easy accessibility to shopping, dining, heath care, the arts, employment and recreation. We value a comprehensive transportation system with city bus service, free parking, new overpasses and underpasses, low traffic, and passenger rail service.

8. We value being an active community and having things to do such as annual festivals and events, a wide range of athletic opportunities, and a thriving downtown. We value the efforts of our people to support the rich culture of its arts, theater, and music scenes.