Talent Connect Knox County

Our region has excellent Career Technical Education programs – how do we fill them with students?


Talent Connect Knox County (TCKC) is a marketing initiative created by the Knox County Area Partnership for Economic Development. TCKC is a coordinated, year-round multi-channel marketing push designed to influence area youth and their supports to engage in Career Technical Education in our community’s three core growth industries. Specifically, those growth industries are Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare and Transportation.

Through strategic marketing and special events, TCKC will make careers in these three growing fields appeal to high school age youth.

The goal for the program is to fill up all our area’s high school and community college training programs for these three industries to maximum capacity.

TCKC will accomplish this goal in a number of ways:

  1. Publicizing the workforce needs of area businesses and driving the message of opportunity to parents, high school kids and other key influencers.
  2. Hosting events that mix students and industry professionals that make careers in these industries seem “cool”
  3. Creating a pool of industry speakers to regularly visit area classrooms and talk about career opportunities
  4. Organizing job shadow experiences and tours of area businesses
  5. Organizing opportunities for internships and summer work programs


If you are interested in participating in any of these opportunities, please contact Taylor Ishman at tishman@galesburg.org or call 309-343-1194