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Knox County is more than pro-industry. Our communities are led by industry, with local employers playing key roles in economic development and government operations. The Knox County Area Partnership (KCAP) is at the table, convening conversations between local and state government, education providers, funding sources, and employers to address community needs.

104+ million people within 600 miles

410,000 workers within 1-hour drive

2 international airports less than an hour away

1 interstate and 2 US highways serve the community

Responsive & Responsible

Knox County governments are responsive agencies, not plodding bureaucracies. Local leaders have earned a reputation for fast turnaround with permitting and other issues, as well as minimal fees and low taxes. Thanks to the partnership between government, the private sector, and our county’s economic development team, we’ve been able to achieve innovative solutions to address the needs of local employers.

Generous Incentives

Because we recognize the importance of private-sector investment, Knox County and Illinois are ready to support new and existing companies with a broad range of tax and other incentives. Options include Enterprise Zones with credits and exemptions for a variety of investments, the City of Galesburg’s revolving loan fund, abatements on real property improvements, and fee waivers on many local permits. Locating in the Galesburg Enterprise Zone will give your company access to a 100% property tax abatement on improvements and new construction, a sales tax exemption on building materials, and zero-cost permits from the City of Galesburg. We also have revolving loan financing tools and a unique $2,000 per job grant available for companies that create more than 50 full time jobs and invest more than $1 million. The KCAP team can discuss your needs and help you identify what’s available to you. Contact Us!

2023 Small Business Grant Recipient

“KCAP (Ken and Abby) are very professional and friendly to work with”

2023 Small Business Grant Recipient

“Without Ken I would have quit a long time ago. THANKS KEN AND ABBY! “

Steve Gugliotta

“ The KCAP team have been so easy to work with. I think it is the collaboration between both of our entities that get business done so quickly and effectively. We work together to make development happen and try to create and collaborate with each other in mind. That way the investor, community members, etc.  can basically see us as an united front working separately towards the same goals.” — Steve Gugliotta, Director of Community Development, City of Galesburg