Knox County’s Manufacturing Heritage Is Future-Focused

Innovative Manufacturers Find Homes Here.

Hard work and high standards for quality are nothing new to Knox County’s impressive manufacturing workforce. Many of the 410,000 workers who live within an hour’s drive of our employers hail from multi-generational manufacturing families and were raised to appreciate the importance of a solid day’s work. They bring the same values to work needed by today’s most innovative companies.

1.81 manufacturing location quotient

104,000,000 consumers within a day’s drive

410,000 labor shed

2,000 rail cars classified daily in Galesburg

Extensive Transportation

Knox County’s central location is only part of the story. It’s tough to find a community our size with such a broad range of road, rail, air, and river connectivity. Truck transport benefits from fast access to three interstates and several U.S. and state highways, allowing critical shipments to reach places like Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Des Moines in less than half a day. Rail shippers will appreciate that we’re the  hubof seven BNSF mainlines, hosting 100+ trains each day, along with shortline service. Two international airports within 45 minutes and the nearby Heart of Illinois Regional Port round out the options.

Reliable, Affordable Utilities

Knox County, Illinois is ready to meet the needs of most facilities. Local providers recognize their roles in your success, so you’ll find friendly attitudes and a partnership approach to powering your business growth.

Denise Leo

“Western Illinois is a wonderful place for our manufacturing operations.    The central location, with easy access to truck and rail shipping lanes, allows us to support our customer delivery needs well.  As a critical supplier within our industry,  we work at a fast pace.  Having a solid network of suppliers in the Midwest helps to support our raw material, components, and subcontractor needs.   City and local officials, as well as regional partnerships, have all been very attentive to our needs and ready to assist when needed.” — Denise Leo, General Manager Heat and Control, Galesburg