Knox County Has Ample Power, Gas, Water, and Wastewater Capacity

You Can Rely on Dependable and Affordable Utilities

Knox County, Illinois is ready to meet the needs of most facilities. Local providers recognize their roles in your success, so you’ll find friendly attitudes and a partnership approach to powering your business growth.

5 MGD excess water capacity

21 MGD average excess sewer capacity at sewer treatment plant

200 + mW of renewable energy permitted for Knox County

3 fiber providers

Extensive Fresh Water and Treatment

Illinois is known for extensive water supplies, and the City of Galesburg’s water utility offers affordable access, with average excess capacity of five million gallons a day.

The Galesburg Sanitary District’s 160 miles of existing sewer line stretch to Galesburg Business Park and provide average excess capacity of 21 million gallons a day. The system accommodates up to 200 mg/liter of biological oxygen demand (BOD) and up to 250 mg/liter of fats, oils, grease (FOG), suitable for food processing, and works with businesses to deploy pre-treatment if their discharge exceeds these limits

Electricity and Natural Gas

Local businesses have the advantage of working with one supplier for both electric power and gas. Ameren Illinois works closely with industrial customers on energy efficiency programs and planning for future needs. Their rates are competitive.


Knox County businesses have access to a long list of telecommunications providers. Stratus Networks, Midcentury Communications, and i3 Communications provide fiber connections, while CenturyLink, Comcast, Frontier, and Oneida offer a variety of services depending upon a facility’s location.