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Customer Testimonials

Steve Gugliotta

“ The KCAP team have been so easy to work with. I think it is the collaboration between both of our entities that get business done so quickly and effectively. We work together to make development happen and try to create and collaborate with each other in mind. That way the investor, community members, etc. […]

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Denise Leo

“Western Illinois is a wonderful place for our manufacturing operations.    The central location, with easy access to truck and rail shipping lanes, allows us to support our customer delivery needs well.  As a critical supplier within our industry,  we work at a fast pace.  Having a solid network of suppliers in the Midwest helps to […]

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Amanda Powell

“KCAP was so helpful.  They connected me with the resource I needed to put my business plan together and then helped me locate and apply for a grant to start my business.  They supported me along the way and helped give me the confidence to start my business.  I now am a successful business owner […]

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Colby Tanner

“That’s a fantastic site,” Tanner said. “The grade is pretty much flat — just enough roll to get the thing to drain. You’re right on the interstate. You have fantastic access to the interstate. You’re right off the rail line. You have all of the utilities in place.” “Railroad executive positive about Galesburg.” — […]

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